Equipment Overview

Equipment Overview

The following is a list of machines we utilize for production:

Computer system

SpecificationsProduct / model nameTotal
5-axis machine simulation softwareEureka Machine1
3D viewerTascal X V55
3D CAD/CAMMaster Cam4
3D CAD (modeling)Rhinoceros1
3D CADVISI Modeling1
3D CADSolid Works2

Processing equipment

MachineManufacturerProduct / model nameSpecifications X / Y / Z (mm)Total
5-axis machining centerDMG Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.DMU 60 eVo Linearφ600/500/5001
3-axis machining centerDMG Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.NVX5060Ⅱ600/530/5102
3-axis machining centerDMG Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.NVX5100HSC1050/530/5101
3-axis machining centerFANUC CorporationRoboDrill700/400/3007
3-axis machining centerKitamura Machinery Co., Ltd.Cutingcenter-31000/600/3051
3-axis machining centerIWAMA Co., Ltd.JUSTICE1050/650/3801
Stereolithography equipmentCMET Inc.ATOMm-4000Material: TSR-829 (moisture resistant and highly transparent) Table size: D400/W400/H3001
Stereolithography equipmentCMET Inc.ATOMm-8000Material: TSR-829 (high transparency and moisture resistance) Table size: D800/W600/H4001
Vacuum casting machineC-Tech Co., Ltd.STV539600/600/10001
Blasting machineFuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Pneuma Blaster SFC-2600/400/3501
Blasting machineAtsuchi Tekko Co., Ltd.SG106640/470/700
Panel sawMakita CorporationLT600Maximum cutting depth: 38mm Maximum grinding length: 1820mm1
Chemical treatment booth (Transparency treatment)In-house600/600/1001
High vacuum evaporation systemShinku Giken, Co., Ltd.VEA-650φ6501
Painting boothIn-house1700/500/700, 800/500/6001
Coordinate measuring machineTokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd.RVF-600600/500/3001
Coordinate measuring machineMitutoyo CorporationCrysta-Plus M443 (x20 optical microscope included)400/400/3001
Coordinate measuring machineKeyence CorporationXM-1200Handy PROBE1
Roughness measurement instrumentMitutoyo CorporationSJ-201Corresponding to the Standards of JIS B 0601-20011
Pin gauge setNiigata Seiki Co., Ltd.AA-1A1.000 to 1.500 by 0.010mm1
Pin gauge setEisen Co., Ltd.EM-1+1.550 to 6.275 by 0.025mm1 set
Pin gauge setEisen Co., Ltd.EM-2A+6.300 to 9.775 by 0.025mm1 set
Bore gaugeDIATEST JAPAN Ltd.M-12φ1.500 to φ9.800mm1 set
Stereo microscopeOlympus CorporationSZ-613.4 to 45 times1