Our Work


Here are some examples of product models our company has worked on.

Engine Visualization

Internal visualization for engine and transmission

Transmission Case

Internal visualization for transmissions used in automobiles / industrial machines

Internal Visualization

Internal visualization with transparent stereolithography technique

Nautilus Model

A variety of decorative processing for effective presentations and PR

PTFE Lathing

Lathing PTFE material

3d Printed Spider Web

Fine shape 3d printing

Cross Sectional Model of In-Wheel Motor

Cross sectional "cut models" are made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Achieved with expert craftsmanship using resin and decorative processing.

Robotic Arms

Foucusing on the robotic arms that continue to operate in mass production lines, we've created modification samples for exhibit

Headlight Mock-Up

Manufactured completely in house from the inner lens, the outer lens to the housing.

Robot Arm Visualization

Partial visualization of robot arm for mock design!

Cable Carrier Visualization

With transparent cover, it is easy to find internal cable damage.

3d printed frog colored with a dye

Our 3d printings can be easily colored with a dye. Wide variety of color. Can be more evenly colored than painting.

3D Printed Statue of Liberty

Our 3d printings can create tiny miniature with fine shape.

3d Printed Fine Brush

Fine shape with φ0.24mm diameter

3D printed glass cup

Highly transparent 3d printing that can be used for design check

CFRP Lightweight Material Cutting

A part made by cutting thermoplastic CFRP material.

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting option for small lot production

Topology Optimized Sample

We have created a model of topology optimization by stereolithography.


Even complex shapes and undercuts are shaped by stereolithography.

Secondary Decoration

A variety of decorative processing for effective presentations and PR

Visualized Linear Cover

Transparent covers that increase visibility can be used to save time and labor of facility inspection by making applicable component windows transparent.

Integrated Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting Products with Complex Structure integrally

Cosmetic Container Sample

Combination of high-level decoration techniques

Plastic Chip Reuse as Soil

We have developed chip soil made of plastic waste where plants can grow.

3D printed auto-wheel

Auto-wheel manufactured with transparent stereolithography technique

Non-Ferrous Metal

A wide range of materials are available, including aluminum

Vacuum Casted Tube

Vacuum Casting is suitable for flexible products

3d Printed Fine Mesh

Fine shape with Φ0.3mm wire diameter

Transparent Mold

Transparent acrylic mold can be used for inside flow analysis.

3d Printed Spiral Shape

3d printed transparent hollow shape

Internal visualization of shower head

Acrylic machining without polishing

3d printer-drinking glass

Highly transparent 3d printing that can be used for design check

3D Printing with aluminum evaporation

Plating is available on 3d printing surface

Transparent Alternator

Visualization of automotive alternator. Machined by measuring the original item.

Decoration Technique

Painting on resin material, just like real wood and metal

3d Printed Exhaust Manifold

Enough transparency for internal flow analysis

Unique Design Acrylic Aquarium

This unique shape became possible due to our special skills cultivated as prototyping professional.

Acrylic Skull

Highly Transparent Acrylic Machining without Polishing

Acrylic Machining Automobile

Highly Transparent Acrylic Machining with 5axis CNC

Resin Cutting

Internal visualization model using transparent resin machining process technology

Painting Color Variation Sample

INAC’s painting twqunique is condensed in this sample. Metalic, pearl, colored aluminum evapolation etc.

Thin Film Aluminum Evaporation

Thickness of the aluminum evaporatin film can be selected. When the film is thin, internal shape can be displyed with the lights on.

Emblem for Millimeter-wave-radar

Painting from the backside on Acrylic with masking. Used for Automotibe Millimeter-wave-rader Emblem.

3D printed hollow ball

ABS like 3d printed Hollow Ball at an affordable price.

3D printed dinosaur

ABS like 3d printed dinosaur at an affordable price

Mechanism Housing

Design, modeling, mechanism design and housing design based on client specifications available.

3D printed stag beatle

ABS like 3d printed "stag beatle" at an affordable price

Acrylic Brilliant Cut

Highly Transparent Acrylic Machining without Polishing

Visualization of flow

Highly Transparent Acrylic Machining, special skill to glue without bubbles

Internal Visualization of pipe

Polycarbonate pipe machined by 5-axis CNC

Colored Vacuum Casting

Vacuum cast items can be colored and toned in accordance with color samlpe

3D printed front grille

Front grille 3d printed with SLA technique. Painting applied on half side.

Additional Processing of 3d print

Maximize 3D print accuracy by machining

Prismatic Lens Machining

Turned into fully trasnparent with our unique transparency treatment.