Mechanism / Housing Design

Mechanism housing

Mechanism design

Design · modeling · mechanism / housing design

We will support you from the development stage to completion.

We will propose design, modeling, mechanism design and housing design based on your drawings. Computer graphics provided upon request helps avoid the risk of discrepancy between the actual product and your image. We can even design housings from your hand-drawn sketches.

  • Ideas (creations) are provided from our customers.
    * 3D data would be helpful for manufacturing.
    Discussion for the details will be conducted if no 3D data is available.
    If there is an actual product, we can scan it to convert into 3D data.
  • The design will be verified in computer graphics (Upon request).
    * CG and 3D data will be handed over, so please use it for mass production.
  • After the design decision, we will proceed with the production of a prototype.
  • Decoration will be applied if necessary to complete the prototype.
  • The prototype will be delivered to your company. Please contact us if you need to change the design. We are always willing to follow up on your suggestions.

Please feel free to contact us.
Adequate support will be provided by our experienced designers until prototype completion.

Pump mechanism design

Exploded view of components

Pump in operation