Even complex shapes and undercuts can be shaped by stereolithography.

Original Designed car front grille was manufactured. This is a mock sample that has been subjected to advanced polishing and decoration. 

Product size (400x800x155)

We can create from small parts to large parts like a gill size.

Construction method: Stereolithography made by seamet ATOMm-8000

Modeling size: 600x800x400

Material: TRS-829 (Hightly transpoarent and moisture resistant molding material)

Combination with decorations such as painting and evaporation plating is also possible.

We also able to model production for tophlogy optimization. Please use it when confirming the shape at the development stage.

Please feel free to contact us.
Adequate support will be provided by our experienced designers until prototype completion.

Grill stereolithograply & decoration-2

Half Side Decoration Grill

Complex shape stereolithography & vapor deposition plating