Secondary Decoration​

Secondary Decoration

Maschera Plating + painting


A variety of decorative processing for effective presentations and PR

Technology: transparent SLA
Material: TSR-829

Clear coating is applied to masking vapor deposition plating to finish it as a fantastic object.
Modeling was implemented with the concept of free internal support materials. 


Technology: transparent SLA
Materials: TSR-829
Aluminum evaporation with colorful gradation paintings 


★ Two representations available in single model ★
A general-purpose plating system has been improved in-house
in order to make the film thickness extremely thin and uniform.
This development reduced the cost of half-deposition plating.

Specifically, two different representations are available by switching a backlight ON/OFF.

These models can be effective tools for technology PR and presentation of the internal mechanism/structure of newly developed products. Helical insert to be used if necessary.

Please feel free to contact us.
Adequate support will be provided by our experienced designers until prototype completion.

Nautilus aluminum evaporation + painting

Half plating (lighting off)

Half plating (lighting on)

Maschera before decoration

After plating

Plating + painting