Portfolio Updated “Transparent Mold”

Our new sample “Transparent Mold” is added to the portfolio page. Check out its transparency and wide range of utility. Please check here for more details.


Our new sample “ENGINE VISUALIZATION” is added to the portfolio page. Oil can be put inside and it shows you the actual movement of engine. When the handle is turned, LED will be lighted at ignition timing. Please check here for more details.

Documents Download (Material Properties/Oil Resistance)

We are pleased to share with you the informative documents (Material Properties/Oil Resistance). INAC US is specializing in transparent prototypes. Check out our portfolio!   *Please note that oil-resistance table is based on our original research and the results may change depending on the actual conditions. *The numbers in these tables are typical measurement values […]

Transparent Door Opener Designed and Manufactured In-house

Transparent door opener designed and manufactured in-house. It can help us avoid direct contact with high-touch surface!   STEPS ‪ 1. 3d modeling‬ ‪2. 3d print a master model for vacuum casting‬ ‪3. Make a silicon mold and pour material into it‬ ‪ 4. Unique transparent door opener is created!   Click here to learn […]